National Report

The National Report on BIDs in Scotland 2017
Ten Years of Achievement and Growth
Business Improvement Districts Scotland has published its second national survey of BIDs in Scotland, which highlights the key contribution that BIDs at making at a local level in improving the business environment, helping to build sustainable communities and contributing to Single Outcome Agreements, and the Scottish Government’s national objective of sustainable economic growth.

The report provides a snapshot of the impacts and outcomes of the 36 established and 24 developing BIDs across Scotland.

Some big hitting figures demonstrate the BIDs substantial input to Scotland’s inclusive growth and economic development, as of September 2016, leveraging in over £19.6 million of additional investment, over and above the £41.3 million invested as a consequence of the BID levy since 2008. BIDs have also added 80 directly created jobs generating a Gross Value Added (G.V.A.) of £3 million. These figures will rise significantly over the next five years as further developing BIDs come into operation.

In addition to these direct economic benefits, the growing BIDs family has created dynamic partnership working between the private and public sectors at the local level, increased levels of local capacity and increased coordination with local community groups; reconnecting people and place through a shared civic pride and desire to drive their local economies.

The report is just a snapshot of the work of the Scottish BIDs family. BIDs all across Scotland are delivering area improvement agendas, through a range of projects that deliver additionality; introducing innovative business benefits; and there is a developing range of BID projects impacting on education, employment, arts and cultural development, the green agenda and a safer and stronger Scotland.

The BIDs family in Scotland, with its uniquely flexible legislative mechanism at its core, backed up by strong government support continues to grow, with innovative developing BIDs along the Forth and Clyde Canal led by Scottish Waterways Trust and the development of the Borders Railway BIDs Corridor in partnership with Mid Lothian Council, Scottish Borders Council and the Borders Railway Partnership.

We are predicting that we will have 65 BIDs by the end of 2017 creating a nationally significant impact, with a footprint in all corners of the country.